Moving Box Disposal Options

So you are all moved in after your household move, all your belongings are unpacked, and you are left with a roomful of empty boxes. The question is what the best way is to get rid of them so you can actually use that room or get your car into the garage. The following are are few options you have for disposing of your used moving boxes after you are finished with them rather than just throwing them out.

  • Recycle your moving boxes. Depending on the town you live in, there may be a service available that will come to your home and pick up all of your empty boxes. If not, there should be a recycling center where you can take them. Do an online search or contact your local city administrative offices to find out what your options are.
  • Donate your boxes to charity. Many charitable organizations need boxes for a variety of purposes. It could be a library or a food delivery service for example. You might need to search online or make some phone calls, but you are likely to find a charity that would appreciate your donation.
  • Sell your boxes on Craigslist or another online platform. People are always looking for boxes, and if you have quality ones in good condition you may be able to get a few bucks for them.
  • Sell them to a local box broker. Again, if your boxes are in good condition, and they are quality moving boxes as opposed to ones you got from the grocery store, you may be able to sell them. Just do an online search to find places that buy used moving boxes in your area.

Simply throwing away your used moving boxes creates a lot of unnecessary waste. If your boxes are good quality and in good condition there are plenty of options for passing them on to be used again. Otherwise, recycling them is a much better option than throwing them in the trash. More Household Moving Tips.

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