How to Select a Moving Company

How to Select a Moving Company

A list of the top 10 questions to ask when hiring a professional mover.

When it comes to moving your life’s possessions you want to be confident that the moving company you choose will be reliable and trustworthy. Whether you’re planning a local move or a long distance move, here are 10 questions you should know the answers to, before choosing a mover:

1. How long has your company been in business?
Companies that have been in business longer are more stable, have more experience, and have an established network of industry resources.

2. What awards or certifications has your company earned?
Don’t rely solely on a company’s advertising claims. Third-party certifications and endorsements provide objective evidence of a company’s qualifications.

3. Is your company a member of the Better Business Bureau?
Companies that are willing to stand up to customer scrutiny are usually of higher quality. Because we are professional movers, we are members of the Better Business Bureau.

4. What is your company’s screening process for hiring employees?
Companies who have a rigorous qualification process – e.g., drug screening, background checks – hire more competent employees.

5. Who will be available if I need assistance after normal business hours?
Companies who are accessible outside of normal business hours with a dedicated call-center are better able to support customers’ needs.

6. What are the qualifications of the move consultant who will manage my move?
Move Consultants who are recognized within their company and have earned industry certifications are generally most qualified to serve you.

7. Does your moving estimate include an inventory of goods that you have agreed to move?
Having an inventory of goods included in your estimate assures that all parties are in agreement on what items are included in your move.

8. Does your moving estimate include a list of services that you will provide?
Try to get as much information out of the moving company, upfront. The more information you can gather on the move process by speaking with your Move Consultant or provided to you with your moving estimate, the better.

9. Is the actual cost of my move guaranteed on your moving estimate?
If certain household items or required services  are not included in the initial estimate, then the bid is not complete. Therefore, the overall cost of your move is subject to change.

10. What steps will be taken to protect my home?
Look for movers who have the processes and materials to protect rugs, furniture and other valuables from damage.  Less professional movers will cut corners on equipment and services where they can.

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