Pre-Move Checklist

Pre-Move Checklist

Premove ChecklistAs part of our effort to ensure a convenient and stress-free move for all our customers, we’ve developed the
following list of tips and disclosures to help you properly prepare for moving day. Please read through the
following list carefully, and be sure to pack and prepare your shipment in compliance with all
requirements below. Its one simple thing you can do to make your move easier, right from the start.

▢ Do not disconnect your phone until the day after your move date. We may need to call you at your home!

▢ Prior to the packer’s arrival, place any items not intended for transport in a safe area.

▢ Refrigerators and freezers must be emptied, defrosted and wiped out prior to loading.

▢ All items in the attic, crawl space or temporary storage must be brought to an accessible area for
the driver.

▢ We are not allowed to remove any permanently affixed item: carpeting, electrical or plumbing
fixtures, shelving, etc.

▢ All walkways and driveways must be clear of snow, ice, mud or other hazards.

▢ Keep children and pets in a secured area while movers are packing and loading.

▢ If an appliance is going to be moved please follow these instructions. Washers, dryers, and
icemakers must be disconnected and serviced before the driver arrives unless contracted with
your move consultant to handle disconnect services.

▢ Waterbeds, pendulum clocks, pool tables, hot tubs, sewing machines and large screen TV’s may
require special packing or servicing. Please make sure the mover is aware of your plans to move
these items so proper preparation can be provided.

▢ We do not recommend transporting firearms in the moving van. If firearms are transported, The
Brady Bill requires that the make, model and serial number be listed on the inventory. The
customer must initial the inventory line acknowledging receipt. The driver can’t transport

▢ Vehicles and boats should have all personal items removed prior to transport.

▢ Machinery (such as lawn mowers) should be drained of all fuel and oil in the motor.

▢ The driver cannot transport gasoline in containers.

▢ Remove printer ink cartridges and copier toner.