Getting an Accurate International Relocation Estimate

Getting an Accurate International Relocation Estimate

Consumers today are becoming increasingly savvy in their purchasing decisions. At Daryl Flood International, we welcome this trend and hope to assist our customers in evaluating their international relocation estimates. To assure the success of your move and to avoid costly surprises, here are a few things you should consider when moving abroad:

Personal Move Consultant
As a customer of Daryl Flood International, we will provide you with a personal move consultant who understands the unique, logistical requirements of international moving. All of our team members have experience in household goods moving and storage, global shipping and customs regulations. Furthermore, many of our team members are multi-lingual. Your move consultant will work with you to understand your requirements and estimate your relocation needs, based upon our moving cost calculator.

Professional Packing Crews
Our packing crews at Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics are trained to handle the special requirements and extra-care needed for international moves. This training teaches our packing crews how to select international-grade packing materials and use the correct packing methods to ensure that your belongings are safely transported to your new home. Our overseas agent partners are required to provide an English-speaking foreman to coordinate delivery and transportation of our customers’ belongings.

In-House Forwarding Service
Most international moving companies do not have the ability to handle transportation arrangements or forwarding services in-house. At Daryl Flood Relocation and Logistics, we have the knowledge, licensing, and expertise to make the forwarding arrangements ourselves. This allows us to be more responsive to you and maintain greater control over the relocation process.

Competitive, Fair Pricing
At Daryl Flood International we have the tools in place to negotiate preferential volume discount pricing from our service partners. We pass on that preferential pricing to all our clients, allowing our individual privately funded transferees to enjoy the same discount leverage as a large global company.

Terms of the Service Agreement
Daryl Flood International adheres to an extremely thorough set of SLA standards. By meeting these requirements, we set a high-quality, professional standard for customer communication, packing and unpacking, warehouse and vehicle quality, office and labor staff, and much more! This enables us to assist customers from Dallas to Dubai, Seattle to Singapore, Minneapolis to Moscow, and beyond.

Steamship Line Contract Terms
Our global network leverages a large volume of business to secure discounted freight contracts with favorable terms. If you cannot take immediate delivery of your shipment, container demurrage/detention charges can cost up to $100 per day. As part of our global buying power, many of our freight contracts include extra “free time” for container utilization. If you believe you may require extra time in transit, just ask your Sales or Move Consultant for specifics for your destination.

Full Packing Service
At Daryl Flood International, we provide full-service packing and unpacking of your personal items and furniture. We will allow you to pack some items yourself, if you desire, but we will ask that you leave the moving boxes open for our crew to check the contents and adequacy of packing. Beware of any company that offers you substantial savings on international moving costs by allowing you to pack your international shipment yourself! For border security and import/customs reasons, self-packed shipments are discouraged, and can cause a substantial delay, thorough examinations of boxes, and expenses far outweighing your initial savings. Packing crews that are not specialized in international moving are likely to list items as “PBO” (packed by owner) on packing inventories. Custom officials around the world have come to “red flag” shipments with listed PBO on the inventory slip. Also, many transit insurance policies will deny claims that are listed as packed by PBO.

Cost of Moving vs. Quality of Service
Because of our cost reduction features, such as our global purchasing power and software pricing technologies, we are often able to offer clients both high quality service and also the best price! However, some companies may simply award your move to the lowest bidder for destination services, regardless of service or experience considerations. We will always balance competitive price with trustworthy service. As you evaluate your options, we encourage you to consider both factors – price and service.

Trusted, Dependable Movers
At Daryl Flood Relocation & Logistics, we are the movers you can trust. Being Daryl Flood Dependable means that we care for the things our customers care about most; hiring people who are intelligent and have great attitudes; having not only the physical resources of trucks and warehouses, but also the experience and expertise; and we emphasize a commitment to the customer. Remember, the moving company you select will handle your most cherished possessions. You will need to trust their performance, character and experience to assist you during an exciting transition in your life. Who will you trust?

Let us handle your international relocation! Fill out our quote form for a free in-home moving estimate today.